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Issue listing

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Contents of issue no. 43 (April 2011):

  • Dorothea Miehe / Christopher Skelton-Foord: Editorial
  • Alison Wilson: Fifth annual WESLINE conference
  • Notice: Erster Weltkrieg in Alltagsdokumenten
  • David Lowe: Major new donation of film books to Cambridge
  • John Ahouse: A brush with the authorities: painters in East Germany
  • Notice: German-speaking exiles in southern California after 1945 [International Feuchtwanger Society conference]
  • Elisabeth Pyroth: Übersetzen als Kulturaustausch: cultures in translation
  • Bettina Wagner: Digitization of books printed in the fifteenth century: a project of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Munich
  • David Lowe: Twenty-five years of the German Studies Library Group
  • Notices: Language matters more and more [British Academy paper] / Durham University Library acquires major German manuscript [Single leaf from Bede, Homilies on the Gospels, second or third quarter of the ninth century]

42 (April 2010):

  • Dorothea Miehe / Christopher Skelton-Foord: Editorial
  • Clemens Gresser: Fourth annual WESLINE conference
  • Notice: DACH blog [of the British Library]
  • Roger Paulin: Alexander von Humboldt, 1769-1859: scientist and explorer
  • Alison Wilson: Einweihung des Jacob-und-Wilhelm-Grimm-Zentrums an der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
  • Stefan Manz: ‘Musical migrants’ between Germany and Scotland during the nineteenth century
  • Susan Reed: Material from the Viennese Revolution of 1848 in the British Library
  • Dorothea Miehe: „Leipzig liest” – and reading rocks!
  • Notices: Fifth annual WESLINE conference / Under covers: documenting spies [Cambridge University Library exhibition] / New online search facility at the Swiss Federal Archives / Cataloguing early German and Low Countries imprints / Die Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek: Portal für Kultur und Wissenschaft / HEFCE review of modern foreign languages provision / Goethe-Universität Frankfurt to acquire the Habermas Archive / EU bookshop digital library / Schweizer Reize: die Schweiz in Reiseführern [Swiss National Library exhibition]
  • Dorothea Miehe: Editorial
  • Notice: Postcards from Checkpoint Charlie [Bodleian Library publication]
  • Bess Ryder: Social Studies of Western Europe: projects and resources (WESLINE conference 2008)
  • Martin Swales: Languages Matter
  • Susan Reed: Two New British Library Acquisitions
  • Christian Staufenbiel: Schnitzler’s Nachlass ‘saved by a Cambridge student’
  • John Ahouse: The Wende Museum, Los Angeles: a museum and archive of the Cold War
  • Rupert Ridgewell: Joseph Haydn and the business of Music
  • Graham Whitaker: GSLG and WESLINE
  • Notices: Fourth annual WESLINE conference / Relaunch of the European Library / Frauen in Bewegung: 1918-1938 [Austrian National Library portal] / Europeana – Europe’s digital library / Over 11,000 new Swiss books published in 2008 / Retrospektive und Innovation – der späte Joseph Haydn [Joseph Haydn-Institut conference] / Celebrating 50 years of German studies at Newcastle / Das digitale Historische Archive Köln / Bücher für Gelehrte [Bavarian State Library exhibition] / Autopsie Schiller [Deutsches Literaturarchiv Marbach exhibition]
  • W.A.Kelly / Susan Reed: Editorial
  • Maureen Pinder: Report on the 2007 Conference held at the Niedersächsische Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Göttingen
  • Susan Reed: AGM and Miniconference, Manchester 2007
  • Heiner Schnelling: The Virtual Library of Eighteenth-Century German Imprints
  • Winfried Giesen: The German Language and Literature Collections at the University of Frankfurt am Main
  • Martin Durrell: Language, Nation and Identity in the German-Speaking Countries
  • Susan Reed: Number which? An apology
  • Graham Nattrass: WESLINE Conference 2006
  • Annual Conference, Göttingen 2007 [an announcement]
  • W.A.Kelly: Fabian’s Handbuch deutscher historischer Buchbestände in Europa, Bd. 10: Additions, I
  • W.A.Kelly: Additions to VD16 from Edinburgh
  • W.A.Kelly: Survey of pre-1801 Low Countries imprints in Scottish research libraries
  • Richard Hacken; Kizer Walker: The WESS East German study tour: a report
  • Sabine Wefers: Convergence: ein “Allheilmittel” auf dem Prüfstand
  • Joan Williams: The Meissen Library Appeal
  • Graham Nattrass: New Scandinavian Catalogue to be published by The British Library
  • Jeffrey Garrett: New wind in GNARP sails: an auspicious beginning at CRL
  • Deborah Rose-Lefmann: CRL resources for German research
  • Susan Reed: Libraries and innovation: Fourth Anglo-German Seminar on Library History
  • Joan Williams: The Meissen Library at Durham Cathedral
  • Dr. Kathrin Paasch: Die Forschungsbibliothek Gotha
  • Brandon High: The collection of H. G. Adler
  • Susan Reed: AGM and Conference 2005
  • Iris Wolfram: “Ich habe Dir also von Jena zu erzählen”: zum Schillerjahr 2005
  • Graham Nattrass: ‘Unheimlich gross’: the Prospects for an 18th-Century German Union Catalogue – addenda and corrigenda

* No. 38 is wrongly designated on the cover as no. 36

  • Brandon High: Preserving the documentary record of German communism: the library of Gert-Joachim Glaessner
  • Nick Chadwick: Adorno conference in Oxford
  • Susan Reed: London conference 2004
  • W.A. Kelly: Reference resources for cataloguing German and Low Countries imprints to ca. 1800: supplement
  • Susan Reed: Events for the Schiller year 2005
  • Roger Brisson: Vendor-supplied LC-MARC bibliographic records for German-language assessment: an updated and critical assessment
  • Graham Nattrass: ‘Unheimlich gross’ – the prospects for an 18th century German union catalogue
  • W.A. Kelly: ‘Unheimlich gross’ – a response from an Edinburgh perspective
  • Iris Wolfram: Alles atmet die klassische Zeit: wie sich die Herzogin-Anna-Amalia-Bibliothek in Weimar langsam nach dem Brand erholt
  • Alison Wilson: Book review: the renaissance of the library – adaptable library buildings
  • Ann Lees: German/French Studies Library Groups’ AGM and Conference 2003
  • Anthea Bell: Translation: Creating an Illusion
  • Richard Hacken: Types of digital library cooperation in German studies
  • W.A.Kelly: New online reference work on pre-1800 German imprints
  • Graham Whitaker: Digitising Cassirer
  • Almut Boehme: The AACR2 translation project
  • Karen Attar: Friend and Foe: England and Germany in an exhibition at the University of London Library
  • Michal Nix: An uncommonly heavy collection: tons of tomes
  • W.A.Kelly: Some notes on the Dieterichs Collection
  • Donation of Paul Celan material to the University of Cincinnati
  • Deanna B. Marcum: Attracting scholars to the profession
  • Amory Burchard: A Director-General’s new broom
  • Susan Reed: “Nicht bei Paisey”: some additions to the British Library’s 17th Century German STC
  • Ekkehard Henschke: Das Jahrhunderthochwasser und die Bibliotheken in Sachsen
  • Gail Hueting: Special collections in German studies in North American libraries
  • Stephen Bury: New strategic directions revisited: the Western European Collections of the British Library
  • Janet Allan: GSLG study day 5 September 2002: Imperial War Museum, London
  • K.E.Attar: A Reformation slanging match, or, A rare German book in the Durning-Lawrence Collection in the University of London Library
  • Roger Macdonald: Goethe’s influence in America
  • Susan Reed: Habet suum fatum libellus: the brief history of a book in Reformation, war and peace
  • W.A.Kelly: Universalle Floode
  • Ewald Brahms: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)
  • Carl Paschek: Special subject collection for Germanistik, Stadt- und Universitätsbibliothek Frankfurt am Main
  • David Wells: Review: Elspeth Hyams, Blurred boundaries, clear focus … The Library Association Record 103(10) (October 2001) pp. 612-615
  • W.A.Kelly: Note on above and following texts
  • Lynne Brindley: Reply to Prof. Wells
  • Christian Staufenbiel: 16th Annual Conference and AGM Glasgow 30-31 August 2001
  • David Paisey: On cataloguing a collection of illustrated books
  • From the BL to Berlin [a tribute to Graham Jefcoate]
  • Colin Clarke: The history library with its own history
  • Penelope Carter: Study tour of German art libraries, September 2000
  • Barbara Mockert: Spirit of an age
  • Susan Reed: Beyond GSLG – other foreign studies library groups
  • John Rutledge: The role of collected-works editions
  • John Bowles: 15th Annual Meeting and Conference 7th-9th September 2000
  • Susan Reed: The Lanz von Liebenfels Collection: a new British Library acquisition
  • Bill Abbey, John Flood: The Institute of Germanic Studies celebrates its 50th anniversary
  • Grace Hudson: Resources for interpreters and translators
  • Gordon Burgess: Four years of Research in Germanic Studies (RIGS): taking stock
  • Brigitte Klosterberg: The library of the Francke Foundation in Halle
  • Klaus Graf: Donaueschingen digital: a draft
  • Bill Abbey: A long way from home: plays at the Institute of Germanic Studies
  • K.E.Attar: A visit to the Universitätsbibliothek Freiburg
  • Bess Ryder, Teresa Vernon, Jill Kempshall: French Studies Library Group: call for membership
  • Jill Kempshall: 14th Annual Meeting, November 22nd 1999
  • Susan Reed: Jahrestagung in Jena: 14th Annual Conference, 24th -28th August 1999
  • Zbigniew Gas: Report from the annual international seminar and study tour of German libraries, 12-17 June 1999
  • Jeff Garrett: Letter from America
  • David Lowe: Divided and reunited: a Cambridge exhibition on the making of modern Germany
  • Karen Kloth: The Handbuch deutscher historischer Buchbestände in Grossbritannien: some preliminary aspects
  • W.A.Kelly: A catalogue of seventeenth- and eighteenth-century German books on medicine and science in Edinburgh libraries
  • Roger Brisson: German Resources Project
  • Sheila Dickson: A historical-critical edition of the works and letters of Ludwig Achim von Arnim
  • Susan Reed: 1848 Revolution collections in The British Library
  • Richard Parker: The Harmssen Collection in the University of Warwick Library
  • Paul Bishop, Roger Stephenson: Modern German thought in Glasgow
  • Barbara Mockert: German studies in Wales: 13th annual conference, 3-5 September 1998
  • Graham Nattrass: Study tour of German libraries 1998
  • Juergen Heeg: Library buildings in the federal states of Germany: current situation and future developments
  • Roger Macdonald: Exchange agreement between Portsmouth and Jena
  • Barbara Mockert: Annual meeting of the Theodor Fontane Gesellschaft in Neuruppin, 18-20 September 1998
  • W.E. Yates: The historisch-kritische Nestroy-Ausgabe
  • M. Olson: Harvard’s German collections
  • Editorial
  • Malcolm Pender: Centre for Swiss Cultural Studies, University of Strathclyde
  • Anthony Grenville: The Research Centre for German and Austrian Exile Studies
  • Graham Whitaker: Frankfurt: past and present
  • Armin Hetzer: Zur “Restitution kriegsbedingt verlargerter Kulturgüter aus der ehemaligen UdSSR”
  • Graham Jefcoate: UK national libraries visit to the Deutsche Bibliothek, Frankfurt, 4-5 December 1997
  • Susan Tebbutt: “Es muss nicht immer Kaviar sein”: reflections on homelessness in Germany
  • Fiona Campbell: German studies in Bradford: 12th annual conference, 4-6 September1997
  • Susan Reed: Moving experiences: the first few days of the new British Library
  • Richard Parker, Janet Wharton: GSLG web page
  • Arthur Williams: Following the scent: waymarkers in contemporary German-language literature
  • Martyn Housden: Putting people back in history, or, What is the point of a popular history of the Third Reich today?
  • John Hiden: Uncovering Paul Schiemann
  • Jenny Towey: Anglo-German Family History Society
  • David Lowe: Microforms
  • David Lowe: New periodical subscriptions – Cambridge University Library
  • Gerhard Meyer-Sichting: Fifty years of Erasmus
  • Dorothea Miehe: Kurze Geschichte einer Rettungsaktion: die Bibliothek der St. Georgs-Gemeinde in Spitalfields, London
  • Katharina Helfenstein: Die Schweizerische Landesbibliothek (SLB) in Bern
  • Peter Hoare: Sprechen Sie Englisch?: teaching English to German librarians
  • Margrit B. Krewson: German resources and projects at the Library of Congress
  • Editorial
  • Dorothea Miehe: German studies in Birmingham: 11th annual conference, 5-7 September 1996
  • Anglo-German exchange programme for librarians
  • Dorothea Miehe: “Hitler’s gift to Britain”: Second International Symposium on German and Austrian exiles in Great Britain
  • Michael Butler: The Institute for German Studies at the University of Birmingham
  • John Breuilly: Modern German history and British historians
  • Editorial
  • W.A. Kelly: The German collections in the National Library of Scotland
  • Janet Wharton: Nottingham Conference on Post-1945 Austrian Women’s Writing
  • Die Wendezeit
  • Richard Parker: Internet sources for news and current affairs
  • Mike Chambers: Cuts at the British Library
  • Graham Whitaker: Notes from an exchange visit to Mainz
  • John Tuck: Recent acquisitions at the John Rylands University Library of Manchester
  • Exile studies at the Institute of Germanic Studies
  • German Information Centre: a window on Germany in London
  • Graham Whitaker: Index to Newsletter nos. 1-20

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